1. I’m am I502-retail store interested in product, can you send samples and a menu?

    Absolutely! Please send an e-mail to Lisa@hollingsworthcannabis.com and we will send you a menu and samples.

  2. Do you give farm tours?

    Due to security reasons, we do not offer tours to the general public.

  3. Do you grow with pesticides?


  4. How do you extract your oil?

    We use a C02 Extraction method

  5. Do you have any open jobs available?

    We do the bulk of our hiring in the spring time. Please send an e-mail to Lisa@hollingsworthcannabis.com

  6. When is your next vendor day?

    Please check out our calendar on our main websites for vendor day dates, speaking events and conferences

  7. Where can I find your product?

    Please check out our “Where to Buy” section on our main sight to find an I-502 Retailer in the state of Washington.

  8. Can I buy online merchandise?

    Yes! www.thccostore.com